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Introduction of fermentation technology

Data: 2020-07-15


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Introduction of fermentation technology

Fermentation technology is defined as field that involves the use of microbial enzymes for production of compounds that have application within the energy production, material, pharmaceutical industries, chemical, and food industries.Paragon's fermentation technology has sufficient capacity to provide customers with various fermentation equipment, and these fermentation equipment have also been put into use in various industries.

It appears naturally in various foods. The human beings are using it from the ancient times for preservation and organoleptic properties of food. It is a well-established technology of the ancient time used for food preservation, production of bread, beer, vinegar, yogurt, cheese, and wine. From time to time, it has got refined and diversified.

It is the biological process in which various microorganisms such as yeast, bacteria, and fungi are involved in the conversion of complex substrate into simple compounds which are useful to humans (enzymes production, metabolites, biomass, recombinant technology, and bio-transformation product) on industrial scale.

Organic acid and alcohol are the main products of fermentation. In this process, there is liberation of secondary metabolites like antibiotics, enzymes, and growth factors

They acquire biological activity so they are also known as bioactive compounds. These compounds contain plant and food constituents in small amount which are very nutritional. Various bioactive compounds consist of secondary metabolites, for example phenolic compounds, growth factors, food pigments, antibiotics, mycotoxins, and alkaloids  

The constituent of phenolic compounds are flavonoids, tannins, and phenolic acids. Flavanones, flavonols, flavones, anthocyanidins, and iso-flavones are some major classes of flavonoids. Flavonoid comprises largest collection of plant phenolics where most of them are naturally occurring compounds.

According to their diverse perspectives, food and beverage are used in modern industrial fermentation processes. On the bases on different parameters such as environmental parameters and organisms required for fermentation, these techniques have become more advanced.

Generally, bioreactor is required in the middle of this process which can be arranged on the basis of their feeding of the batch, continuous and fed-batch fermentation, immobilization process. In the presence of the available amount of oxygen, mixing of substrate take place in single and mixed culture in submerged fermentation technology.