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Advantages of high temperature organic fertilizer fermentation tank

Data: 2020-10-27


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Advantages of high temperature organic fertilizer fermentation tank
The organic fertilizer fermentation tank ,also known as the intelligent high temperature aerobic fermentation tank, is the main component of the reactor-type compost fermentation system.

So what are the advantages of high-temperature fermentation organic fertilizer equipment? 
Let's explain the high-temperature fermentation organic fertilizer equipment-organic fertilizer fermentation tank.

The organic fertilizer fermentation tank equipment uses the decomposition effect of microorganisms in nature, the decomposition effect of aerobic microorganisms in nature, and the activity of aerobic microorganisms undergo continuous aerobic fermentation in a closed fermentation tank to decompose organic materials. 

The high temperature generated by itself decomposes the materials, kills pathogens and other harmful substances, reduces the moisture content of the materials, reduces the volume, and produces organic fertilizers rich in organic matter. Aerobic fermentation is an energy-saving treatment method for obtaining organic fertilizer.

Product features of organic fertilizer fermentation tank equipment:

1. The tank body is closed: the tank body is fully enclosed, the fermentation process is not affected by the natural environment, so that the organic fertilizer production meets the industrial production standard, prevents the waste gas produced by fermentation from leaking, and eliminates secondary pollution. 

2. Heat insulation treatment: tank Polyurethane is used as an insulation layer inside the body, which is less affected by the outside world and ensures fermentation throughout the year

3. Drive design: The hydraulic drive with large thrust can ensure the full load operation of the decomposed substance in the tank and ensure the stable operation.
4. Energy-saving design: through the heat exchange processing system, the hot air in the tank is fermented by circulation, which reduces energy consumption and improves energy utilization.
5. Long service life: The inner wall of the tank is made of 304 anti-corrosion stainless steel, which has a long service life.
6. Simple operation: electrical control, automatic and manual dual-combination mode, convenient operation, simple and easy to learn, saving labor costs.
7. Save floor space: This equipment uses a vertical closed tank structure, which saves floor space and can be installed outdoors without requiring a workshop.

With the modernization of farms, the treatment of livestock manure has become more and more diversified. 

The use of high-temperature fermentation organic fertilizer equipment to make organic fertilizer not only protects the environment, but also improves the soil, increases soil fertility, increases crop yields, and reduces the amount of fertilizer. Do multiple things in one fell swoop.