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Application field of microbial fermentation tank

Data: 2020-11-02


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Application field of microbial fermentation tank

Microbial fermentation tanks are used more and more widely in industrial production activities, especially in the food industry, which are closely related to our lives. The following mainly introduces the three application areas of microbial fermentation tanks.

Application in the field of environmental science: 

The enhancement of microorganisms in sewage treatment. Microbial fermentation requires fermentation tanks. 

With the advancement of science and technology, the effects and functions of fermentation tanks are constantly changing, improving safety, having sterilization functions, and air filtration skills that continuously pass dry sterile air into the fermentation process All ensured safety.

Application in the food industry: 

There are three main categories of commodities, producing traditional fermented commodities, such as beer, fruit wine, vinegar, etc.; producing food additives; assisting in solving food problems.

The more popular product of fermenters in recent years is nothing more than fermented lactic acid milk. Microbial fermentation engineering technology has become the preferred method of food additive production. 

At present, food additives and functional food ingredients produced by microbial fermentation engineering technology are expected to become new in the food industry. growth point. Food additives and ingredients produced by microbial fermentation and enzymatic methods are also called biological food additives and ingredients. 

As the core component and important feature of the modern food industry, the food additives and ingredients industry plays an indispensable leading role in the industrial upgrading of the food industry.

Application in the pharmaceutical industry: 

Based on Microbial fermentation engineering skills, a variety of drugs have been developed, such as human growth hormone, recombinant hepatitis B vaccine, certain varieties of monoclonal antibodies, interleukin-2, and anti-hemophilia factors.