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Application of lactobacillus bacteriocin in many fields

Data: 2020-08-26


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Application of lactobacillus bacteriocin in many fields

Application of lactobacillus bacteriocin in meat products

lactobacillus bacteriocin has been widely used in meat preservation, because it’s usually been found in meat, especially nisin. 

In tradition, people often put some nitrate into meat as preservative, but in order to reduce the threat of nitrosamines to human health, people put more attention on lactobacillus bacteriocin. 

Currently, nisin, the only commercially licensed lactobacillus bacteriocin, has been permitted to add into food in 50 countries.

Application of lactobacillus bacteriocin in dairy products

Lactobacillus has a long history in dairy production as a safe ferment agent, and lactobacillus bacteriocins are widely found in various lactic acid fermentation products. As early as the 5th century, people in Europe discovered that yogurt could cure a variety of bacterial diseases. 

With the emergence of lactic acid products industrial line, scholars all over the world generally found a rule, that is, the contamination degree of the yogurt production line is significantly lower than fresh milk production line by bacteria. Later, a number of studies have shown that the bacteriocins produced by lactic acid bacteria play a major role in inhibiting the contaminating bacteria.

Application of lactobacillus bacteriocin in fruit and vegetable products 

Fruit and vegetable products generally contain high nutritional ingredients, which are the natural medium for the growth of most fungi. Moreover, in order to protect their taste and nutrition during the processing of fruit and vegetable produces, most of them cannot be treated with strong sterilization. 

Lactic acid bacteria fermentation is a traditional method to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. According to a number of studies, in the process of fruit and vegetable fermentation, in addition to producing antibacterial substances such as lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and carbon dioxide, bacteriocin of lactic acid bacteria, as an important by-product, also has a strong antibacterial effect. 

As a new safe and non-toxic preservative, it has been successfully applied in this field.

Application of lactobacillus bacteriocin in bio and pharma products

In recent years, the drug crisis caused by frequent and abuse of chemical drugs has become a serious public health problem, and finding new antimicrobial drugs to replace chemical drugs has become an urgent need for people. 

The lactobacillus bacteriocin can effectively inhibit the growth of some pathogenic bacteria, which shows great potential in the treatment and control of target bacteria. 

At present, the use of lactobacillus bacteriocin in drug development has become an attractive focus, because lactobacillus bacteriocin has a good inhibitory effect on most pathogens, and lactobacillus bacteriocin can be widely found in nature, and stable and non-toxic to human cells.

Application of lactobacillus bacteriocin in breeding industry

With antibiotics and hormone drugs in breeding industry in extensive use and abuse, drug resistance has become a topic of breeding is inevitable, because the lactobacillus bacteriocin is a natural antibacterial material, which also has the high security and antibacterial performance, whether to make lactobacillus bacteriocin as antibacterial additives instead of antibiotic drugs in feed, so as to achieve the effect of bacteriostasis, gradually aroused the interest of scholars. 

In this respect, a large number of studies have proved that adding lactobacillus bacteriocin to animal feed can significantly inhibit the growth of bacteria, improve animal immunity, and reduce the occurrence of immune diseases.

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