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Basic conditions for cell culture

Data: 2020-09-21


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Basic conditions for cell culture

Basic conditions for cell culture:

1.    Appropriate cell culture medium.

A suitable cell culture medium is one of the most important conditions for cell growth and proliferation. The culture medium not only provides cell nutrition and basic substances that promote cell growth and proliferation, but also provides a living environment for the growth and reproduction of cultured cells.

2.    High-quality serum.

Currently, most synthetic media need to be supplemented with serum. Serum is one of the most important components in the cell culture fluid, containing a variety of growth factors and other nutrients required for cell growth.

3.    Sterile non-toxic cell culture environment.

A sterile and non-toxic operating environment and culture environment are the primary conditions to ensure the success of cell culture in vitro. Cells cultured in vitro lack the ability to defend against microorganisms and toxic substances. Once they are contaminated by microorganisms or toxic substances, or their own metabolites accumulate, they can cause cell poisoning and death. Therefore, when culturing cells in vitro, the cell living environment must be kept sterile and non-toxic, and need remove cell metabolites in time.

4.    Constant cell growth temperature.

To maintain vigorous growth of cultured cells, there must be a constant and appropriate temperature.

5.    Suitable gas environment.

Gas is one of the essential conditions for mammalian cell culture to survive. The main gases required are oxygen and carbon dioxide.