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Introduction to Bioreactor

Data: 2021-04-27


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Introduction to Bioreactor

Bioreactor Application 

Bioreactor is also designed to treat sewage and wastewater. The following are examples of two sewage treatment methods:

Trickling filter method

As the most effective system, it can provide a free-flowing and chemically inert medium to allow bacteria to decompose untreated sewage. These treatment processes usually go through a series of independent and sequential large-scale reaction tanks, mechanical separators or cyclones, to accelerate the separation of water and sludge. Among them, the aeration (Aerators) process accelerates the dissolution of oxygen into sewage and culture medium. Decomposition of pollutants. A large amount of sewage can be treated at the same time, so it is often used in urban wastewater treatment.


Activated sludge method

Submersible mixers provide agitation in the anoxic bioreactor to keep solid particles suspended in the solution, so as to ensure that bacteria and organic substances have a chance to "encounter", and after decomposition treatment, the Biochemical Oxygen Demand of the liquid is reduced enough to be reused . In the process of treating sewage with this method, a large amount of solid organic matter, namely biosolids, will be produced, which can be collected and further processed or dried as fertilizer.

Drum bioreactor(rotating-wall vessels)

Drum bioreactor is currently the most widely used bioreactor in the field of tissue engineering. The main goal is the bioreactor used to cultivate cells and tissues for testing or treatment. The design is significantly different from that of the industrial bioreactor. 

Lab-scale bioreactor

Many cells and tissues (especially mammalian tissues) must have a stable surface or other structural support to help them grow, so the agitated environment often destroys the stable growth of these cells and tissues. Higher biological cells are auxotrophic and require the assistance of other highly specialized growth media.

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