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What is a magnetic drive pump?

Data: 2021-04-22


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What is a magnetic drive pump?

The magnetic drive pump is a new type of sealless pump that applies the principle of permanent magnet transmission technology to realize the non-contact transmission of torque.

There is no mechanical connection between the driving shaft and the driven shaft, and no dynamic seal is required in the structure. Therefore, this type of pump has no seal and can achieve zero leakage.

It is especially suitable for conveying inflammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, and Corrosion and precious liquids, magnetic pumps are mostly used in occasions where the pump can only leak slightly or even not, and in high vacuum occasions where mechanical seals are difficult to handle.

Magnetic drive pump

In recent years, the pump has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, electroplating, pharmaceutical, food, paper selection, printing and dyeing industries abroad

The structure and advantages and disadvantages of magnetic pump

Compared with ordinary pumps, magnetic pumps have the advantages of totally enclosed and no leakage, which can achieve the purpose of anti-virus, explosion-proof and safe production.

At the same time, the contact time of operators with toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive media is also shortened. It protects the personal safety and health of operators. At the same time, due to the stable and reliable operation of the magnetic pump, low vibration, low noise, and long service life, it is usually free of maintenance within three years.

Therefore, the overhaul period is long, the maintenance cost can be saved and the work intensity of the maintenance personnel can be reduced. It can also reduce indirect economic losses caused by downtime.

Of course, for magnetic pumps using metal isolation sleeves, due to the existence of magnetic eddy current losses, the pump efficiency is 1% to 7% lower than that of ordinary pumps. And the price is higher than ordinary pumps.

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