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What is a magnetic drive pump?

Data: 2021-04-28


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What is a magnetic drive pump?

Magnetic drive pump is a new type of sealless pump that uses the principle of permanent magnet transmission technology to realize non-contact transmission of torque. There is no mechanical connection between the driving shaft and the driven shaft, and there is no need for dynamic seal in the structure, so this type of pump has no seal and can achieve zero leakage. It is especially suitable for conveying flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, and Corrosive and precious liquids.

Application of magnetic drive pump

Magnetic drive pump is mostly used in occasions where the pump can only leak slightly or even not, and in high vacuum occasions where mechanical seals are difficult to handle. In recent years, the pump has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, electroplating, pharmaceutical, food, paper selection, printing and dyeing industries abroad.

Precautions for use of magnetic drive pumpedit

In normal use, the magnetic drive pump can achieve the purpose of long life and long cycle operation as long as it is operated correctly according to the instructions of the operating regulations. Due to the limitation of its own structural characteristics, 

attention magnetic drive pump during the use

(1) Dry operation is strictly prohibited;

(2) Thoroughly remove rust and solid foreign matter in the device;

(3) The air in the pump must be removed before the pump is running;

(4) The cut-off operation time shall not last more than 60s;

(5) Do not continue to operate in reverse;

(6) During operation, if abnormal sound or vibration is found, the cause must be quickly found out and the fault removed;

(7) When it is less than the minimum flow, it should not be operated;

(8) The normal working state of the pump must be within the range of performance parameters required by the contract, otherwise the axial force in the pump will be affected;

(9) "High temperature" scanning is strictly prohibited for magnetic drive pump with normal temperature structure.

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