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Correct operation method of centrifugal pump

Data: 2020-12-25


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Correct operation method of centrifugal pump

Inspection before starting the centrifugal pump

(1) After the motor is overhauled and before connecting the coupling, first check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct.

(2) Check whether the pump inlet and outlet pipelines and auxiliary pipelines, flanges, valve installation meet the requirements, whether the anchor bolts and ground wires are in good condition, and whether the coupling is installed.

(3) Check if the turning is normal.

(4) Check whether the lubricating oil level is normal, add oil without oil, and check the quality of the lubricating oil (grease).

(5) Open each cooling water valve and check whether the pipeline is unblocked. Note that the cooling water should not be too large or too small, too much will cause waste, too small, the cooling effect will be poor. Generally, the cooling water can flow in a linear shape.
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(6) Open the inlet valve of the pump, close the outlet valve of the pump, and open the pressure gauge hand valve.

(7) Check the sealing condition of the pump and the opening of the oil seal.

Note: The hot oil pump should be evenly preheated before starting.

Start of centrifugal pump

(1) Fully open the inlet valve, close the outlet valve, and start the motor.

(2) When the pump outlet pressure is greater than the operating pressure, check that all parts are operating normally, and gradually open the outlet valve.

(3) When starting the motor, if it fails to start or there is an abnormal sound, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the fault can be eliminated before starting.

(4) When starting, be careful not to face the coupling to prevent flying out and hurting people.

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Centrifugal pump stop operation

(1) Slowly close the outlet valve of the pump.

(2) Cut off the power of the motor.

(3) Close the pressure gauge hand valve.

(4) After stopping, the cooling water cannot be stopped immediately, and the water should be stopped after the temperature of the pump drops below 80 degrees.

(5) If necessary, close the inlet valve and vent the pump body.

Operation and maintenance of centrifugal pump during operation

When the centrifugal pump is in normal operation, the pump officer must carefully inspect the following:

(1) Check the outlet pressure, flow, current, etc. of the pump to ensure no overload operation, and accurately record current, pressure and other parameters.

(2) Listen to the sound, distinguish the running sound of the pump and motor, and judge whether there is any abnormality.

(3) Check the vibration of the pump, motor and pump base. If the vibration is severe, replace the pump and check.

(4) Check the temperature of the motor housing, the bearing box temperature of the pump, the bearing box temperature does not exceed 65 degrees, and the motor temperature does not exceed 95 degrees.
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(5) Ensure the normal lubricating oil quality and the liquid level of the lubricating oil tank. The level of the lubricating oil tank shall be subject to the scale when there is a scale; if there is a sight window (oil mark) but no scale line, the oil level should be kept between 1/31/2. When the oil level is normal, the lubricating oil leakage should not exceed 5 drops /Min, pressure oil injection, subject to machine instructions.

(6) Check the seals of the pump and the flanges, plugs, cooling water, and oil seal joints for leakage.

(7) Check the standby condition of the standby pump and crank once a day.

Switching operation of centrifugal pump

In order to ensure that the flow rate, pressure and other parameters of the pump do not change or fluctuate when the pump is switched, it is best for two people to operate at the same time.

(1) Make preparations before starting the pump.

(2) One person first turns on the standby pump. After the pump runs normally and smoothly, slowly open the outlet valve. At this time, as the pump outlet valve opens, the pressure of the pump outlet valve drops slightly, but the motor current increases, and the other person slowly Close the outlet valve of the pump to be stopped, and when the flow of the pump to be operated is large enough, completely close the outlet valve of the pump to be stopped, cut off the power supply, and perform normal pump stop processing.

Preheating of hot oil pump

(1) After the centrifugal pump is repaired, first use steam to test the pressure to check whether the pump leaks, and at the same time sweep out the condensed water in the pump.

(2) Slowly open the pump inlet valve (about 12 turns) to keep the pressure in the pump less than 0.2MP. After the pump is filled with medium, open the pump inlet valve. Pay attention to adjusting the opening of the outlet valve of the preheating pump to prevent the pump from reversing. At the same time, pay attention to keeping the preheating speed at 50 degrees per hour.

(3) During preheating, crank once every 15 minutes to make the pump preheat evenly.

Precautions for centrifugal pump operation

(1) Avoid idling the centrifugal pump during operation.

(2) Avoid prolonged operation when closing the outlet valve.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to flush the motor with water.

(4) The centrifugal pump should be started with the outlet valve closed.

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