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Efficacy and risks of fermented food

Data: 2020-09-19


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Efficacy and risks of fermented food

Functionality of fermented food: Traditional fermented food has anti-oxidation, lowering blood fat, improving immunity, inhibiting tumors, delaying aging, and preventing gastrointestinal diseases. 

The function of fermented food is mainly reflected in two aspects: 

① Microbial transformation, which changes the nutrition of raw materials. Microbes convert the nutrients in the raw materials into substances that are easier to absorb and are more functional. 

the effect of the microorganism itself, which is what we call probiotics. Probiotics can regulate the intestinal flora and promote intestinal health. Some metabolites of probiotics also have strong health care functions.

Risks: In fact, we also face huge risks when we eat traditional fermented foods, mainly due to the unknowns of microorganisms, such as Aspergillus flavus produced by Aspergillus flavus. Our understanding of microorganisms is slower than our speed of use.

Microorganisms for fermented food

Principles for the identification of functional microbial strains for food: microbial strains not only exist in the process of fermented food, but also play a beneficial role in fermentation in food production, and have literature describing their functions as reference support; microbial strains should It has a clear application field, and has the literature describing its application field as reference support; the microbial strain should have a clear taxonomic status and scientific name, and have the literature describing its accurate taxonomic status as a reference support; microbial strains should have an exact history of safe use, and have relevant food safety history description literature references; no risk of pathogenic and opportunistic infections, no toxic metabolites, virulence factors and antibiotic resistance, etc., no bad use records, And there is no variation, and it has not been restricted or prohibited to use at home and abroad; the bacteria used in traditional fermented food include those used in the production process.