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What is a centrifugal pump?

Data: 2021-04-21


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What is a centrifugal pump?

Centrifugal pumps work by using the rotation of the impeller to make the water produce centrifugal movement. Before the water pump is started, the pump casing and suction pipe must be filled with water, and then the motor is started, so that the pump shaft drives the impeller and the water to make high-speed rotation. 

The water undergoes centrifugal movement and is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller and flows through the volute pump casing. The channel flows into the pressurized water pipeline of the water pump.

FSB-L (long bracket) centrifugal

Classification and function of pump

Classified by work pressure

1. Low pressure pump: the pressure is lower than 100 meters of water column;

2. Medium-pressure pump: The pressure is between 100 and 650 meters of water column;

3. High-pressure pump: The pressure is higher than 650 meters of water column.

Correct operation method of centrifugal pump

The test operation of the pump should meet the following requirements:

①The steering of the driving machine should be the same as that of the pump;

②Find out the steering of the pipeline pump and the coaxial pump;

③There should be no looseness in each fixed connection part, and the specification and quantity of lubricant added to each lubrication part should meet the requirements of the equipment technical document;

centrifugal pump

FSB-L Centrifugal Pump

④The parts with pre-lubrication requirements should be pre-lubricated according to regulations;

⑤All indicating instruments and safety protection devices should be sensitive, accurate and reliable;

⑥The crank should be flexible and free of abnormal phenomena;

⑦The high temperature pump should be preheated before trial operation, the temperature should rise uniformly, and the hourly temperature rise should not exceed 50℃; the temperature difference between the surface of the pump body and the process pipeline with the working medium inlet should not exceed 40℃;

⑧Set up a connection device to eliminate the influence of temperature rise, and set up a bypass connection device to provide a source of cooling water

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