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Features of bioreactor

Data: 2021-02-24


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Features of bioreactor
A bioreactor is a device that uses a biocatalyst to provide a good reaction environment for cell culture (or fermentation) or enzyme reaction, and is usually called a bioreactor or enzyme reactor. Aeration tanks or anaerobic digestion tanks for biological sewage treatment can also be used as a type of bioreactor.

The bioreactor is the key equipment in the biological reaction process. Its structure, operation mode and operating conditions are closely related to the quality, conversion rate and energy consumption of biotechnology products.
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Features of bioreactor:

(1) Uniform distribution of the reaction solution: The uniform mixing of gas-liquid-solid three-phase and good mixing and dispersion of solution components is a general requirement of bioreactors, because the flow, mixing and residence time distribution are all affected.

For many aeration fermentations with intermittent or continuous feeding, the substrate and dissolved oxygen are dispersed as uniformly as possible to ensure that the concentration of the substrate in the bioreactor falls within the range of 0.1% to 1%, and the dissolved oxygen is 10%-30 %. This is beneficial to the growth and product production of aerobic biological cells.

In addition, it is also necessary to avoid the formation of a stable foam layer on the liquid surface of the bioreactor to prevent the accumulation of biological cells and damage or even death. There are also medium components, especially granular materials with starch that are easy to settle, and should be suspended and dispersed. The airlift loop reactor can meet these requirements well.

(2) Higher dissolved oxygen rate and dissolved oxygen efficiency: The airlift reactor has a higher gas-holdup and specific gas-liquid contact interface, so it has a high mass transfer rate and dissolved oxygen efficiency. Dissolved oxygen efficiency is usually higher than that of mechanical agitated tanks, the kLd can reach 2000h, and the dissolved oxygen power consumption is relatively low.

(3) The shearing force is small, and the bioreactor has little damage to biological cells: Since the airlift reactor has no mechanical stirring impeller, the shear damage to the cells can be reduced to a low level, which is especially suitable for the cultivation of plant cells and tissues.

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