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How do sterilant work?

Data: 2020-07-13


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How do sterilant work?

Most of the sterilizing treatments used by Paragon are aimed at killing the contaminants present in the media used. There are different ways in which the contaminants can be killed.

✦ Changing the permeability of cell membrane:

The plasma membrane present inside the cell membrane of the contaminant is the target of sterilizing agents, as it is responsible for the exchange of nutrients in the cell and removal of wastes. The sterilizing agents used, cause disturbance to the plasma membrane that leads to improper exchange of nutrients and leakage of the cell components leading to death of the contaminant.

✦ Destroying the proteins and nucleic acids present:

The microbes that act as contaminants are mostly bacteria. Bacteria are rich source of enzymes and enzymes are proteins that are very fragile to heat treatment as they easily denature. DNA and RNA that carries the genetic information of the microbe can also be easily destroyed by any kind of sterilizing treatment, like heating, radiation or chemical treatment.