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What is the bioreactor?

Data: 2021-04-22


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What is the bioreactor?

Bioreactor refers to any suitable environment or engineering equipment that provides biochemical reactions. Usually refers to the use of enzymes (propelled by one or a group of enzymes) or organisms (such as microorganisms) to make the device have the function of simulating organisms, so that biochemical reactions can be carried out outside the cell, and the simulation process can be carried out simultaneously. Oxygen reacts with aerobic. Carry out anaerobic reaction.
These systems are used in alcohol, tissue engineering, biochemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, organic pollutant degradation, etc. This application is a very important device.

Lab-scale bioreactor
In terms of source, it can be divided into natural bioreactors (such as human stomach) and engineered bioreactors (such as fermenters, immobilized enzymes or immobilized cell reactors, etc.). These bioreactors are usually cylindrical, with a volume ranging from a few liters to a few cubic meters, and are usually made of stainless steel.

According to the way of adding raw materials, it can be divided into batch reactor, feed batch reactor and continuous reactor (such as continuous stirred tank reactor, chemostat).
Desk-mounted Lab-scale bioreactor
Bioreactors are different from chemical reactors. Chemical reactors usually require pressurization and heating from raw materials to produce energy-intensive products. Bioreactors are different. Chemical synthesis can be carried out at room temperature and under pressure with the participation of enzymes and microorganisms. Therefore, after the advent of the bioreactor, it has attracted the attention of the chemical industry. Chemical engineering experts believe that the chemical synthesis process should be replaced by biology as much as possible. Therefore, designing an ideal bioreactor has become an important task for the modern biotechnology industry.

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