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Magnetic drive pump features

Data: 2021-01-13


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 Magnetic drive pump features
Any mechanical pump has advantages and disadvantages due to the different scope of application and design structure. As a mechanical pump widely used in the refining and chemical industry, the magnetic drive pump also has unique advantages and disadvantages. For details, please refer to the following compiled by Paragon content.

The advantages and disadvantages of the magnetic drive pump are very obvious. Because of the advanced manufacturing process, it has the characteristics of full sealing, no leakage and corrosion resistance. The main advantage is that because the traditional pump shaft dynamic seal is improved, the closed static seal is realized, thereby greatly improving the anti-leakage ability; the medium flow space of the pump does not need an independent lubrication and cooling system due to the configuration, which becomes more In order to save energy; the coupling transmission has also been improved to the synchronous drive of the magnet, which reduces friction and also increases the damping and vibration reduction effect, so that the power consumption of the pump is reduced.
Magnetic drive pump from paragon

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic pumps, there are mainly two aspects in terms of disadvantages. The first is the cost of the product itself. 

Its excellent performance comes from advanced design and material structure, so the price and accessories of this pump The price is higher than ordinary centrifugal pumps. 

On the other hand, unlike other mechanical pumps, magnetic pumps can transport certain particles and solids, and can only be used to transport pure transport media.

In addition, it is worth noting that this kind of magnetic drive pump should avoid excessive vibration during operation to prevent sliding, otherwise it may cause damage to the rolling bearing and thrust plate, and the serious situation will also cause the internal and external magnetic steel body to fall off and Worn pump shaft. 

In addition, avoid dry friction between the pump and the pump, and do not run dry. It is recommended to follow the instructions and avoid precautions.

To sum up, it is the related introduction to the magnetic drive pump. It is necessary to operate the pump in the correct way when using this pump. It can effectively reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life of the equipment. Learn more about pumps and continue to pay attention to Paragon——magnetic pump firm.