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Maintenance and maintenance of fermenter

Data: 2020-08-31


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Maintenance and maintenance of fermenter
In order to ensure the normal operation of the fermenter, the user must not only be familiar with the structure and performance of the various components of the system, as well as the functions of the pipeline and valves, but also pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the system.  

Stainless Steel vessel

The maintenance and maintenance of the fermentation tank system can be divided into two methods: daily and regular, both of which are indispensable.  

Maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of fermentater body.  

The body of the fermenter is a place that is directly in contact with the materials. The degree of surface finish and the cleanliness of internal components are the main factors to be protected from bacteria. 

Therefore, after each fermentation, the top cover must be removed vertically together with the stirring, and all the electrodes must be removed and placed in a safe place.  

Wash the tank and internal components with neutral detergent. (Refer to the maintenance of aseptic air system for air distributor cleaning).   

While cleaning, some O-rings of the tank and outlet valve should be inspected. If deformation, aging, scratches, etc. are found, they need to be replaced in time.  

Problems that are easy to occur during operation and how to deal with tank pressure control As the tank pressure is manually controlled, the operator should patiently adjust the valve. 

Under normal conditions, the inlet air pressure is relatively stable. The valve adjustment is not very frequent. 

But sometimes the inlet pressure may be affected due to unstable voltage or compressor problems, and the tank pressure fluctuates greatly. It may also fall off, so you should always pay attention to the tank pressure.  

Sudden power failure In case of a sudden power failure, the operator should first immediately close valve 5 and the diaphragm valve and then find the power supply department for a quick solution. Otherwise, after the pressure drops to zero, the fermentation operation is over. Of course, the long-term power failure is another matter.

It is necessary to open the filter drain valve 4 frequently to drain the accumulated water. If the fermentation cycle is long, pay more attention to draining. But don't open it normally, otherwise it will affect the aeration measurement of the fermentation process.

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