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What is Magnetic Agitation Fermenter?

Data: 2021-04-27


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What is Magnetic Agitation Fermenter?

Magnetic Agitation Fermenter is a laboratory equipment that stirs liquids through a stirrer.

Advantages of Magnetic Agitation Fermenter

1. Magnetic Agitation Fermenter is often used in chemical and biological experiments. The frequency of use exceeds that of traditional mechanical agitators. Because Magnetic Agitation Fermenter is quieter and more efficient, and has no transmission parts exposed to the outside, it is not easy to damage.

2. Compared with other mixing equipment, the agitator is also easier to clean and sterilize. Magnetic Agitation Fermenter does not require lubricating oil, so it will not contaminate the reaction solution during the stirring process, and can even be used in a completely closed container without the need for an opening on the container for the agitator shaft.

Magnetic Agitation Fermenter

3. Because the Magnetic Agitation Fermenter can greatly save manpower and reduce the use rate of open flames and relatively improve the safety of the laboratory, a high-efficiency electric heating wire should be used (using Joule's thermal power theorem), which also saves a lot of money. The necessary waste of resources is a very economical, environmentally friendly and safe device

4. The stirring function or heating function can be used alone. When using the heating function, first place the object to be heated on the heating plate and then turn on the heating button to the temperature to be heated (if the object is directly placed on the hot heating plate, the object may burst due to the temperature difference).

When using the stirring function, put the magnet stirrer into the container first, then place it on the board, and start to adjust the speed to the ideal speed (make sure that the liquid will not overflow due to the rise of the liquid level).

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