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How to prepare for batch fermentation?

Data: 2020-11-26


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How to prepare for batch fermentation?

How to prepare for batch fermentation? Paragon Bio will help you quickly sort out the preparation process for batch fermentation.

1. Check for leaks in steam pipes, valves, motors, power supplies, and drinking water pipes of whole fermentation system. If there are leaks in some pipes, replace the latex tubes in time.
2. Check whether the shaft seal, interlayer, stirring and sight glass valves of the fermentation tank are normal. Add glycerin (for sealing) in case of abnormality.

Scale-Up fermentation project is mainly for the enlargement of the fermentation

3. Clean the inner wall of the bioreactor with tap water, generally 3-5 times, until the water flowing out is clear.
4. Use steam to sterilize the empty fermentation tank and related piping systems.
5. Unscrew the feeding port cover bolts, start the drinking water pump power button, add drinking water and raw materials for production according to the process requirements, and then tighten the feeding port cover bolts.
6. Turn off the circulating water inlet valve and open the drain valve to drain the jacket water.
7. Check whether the fasteners of each part of the fermentation system are loose and complete. The latex plug should be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by bacteria.