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What problems should be paid attention to in the use of fermentation tanks?

Data: 2020-12-22


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What problems should be paid attention to in the use of fermentation tanks?
After the fermenter is used and emptied, pay attention to: fill the jacket with water, check the exhaust state of the exhaust pipe equipment such as the floating ball exhaust valve, and ensure the height of the jacket. Otherwise, the sterilization time will lag easily and the temperature rise will be abnormal. Abnormal sterilization heating is also related to the following aspects:

A. Whether the inlet valve is normal and blocked;
B. Whether the trap is blocked, whether the heat exchange jacket has internal leakage at high temperature and high pressure, the internal leakage when the temperature is raised is accompanied by a huge impact sound, this phenomenon only appears when the temperature is lowered.

For example, when a controller is provided to handle the abnormal situation of the control circuit, the mechanical pressure gauge is manually operated by the resistance box to solve the problem of the pressure transmitter, and then the production process is executed normally, and the opening of the pneumatic control valve is controlled by the manual regulator. Emergency control etc. 

For example, for the magnetic mixing of filling tanks, due to the long-term sterilization and high temperature time, the internal magnet gradually loses its magnetism. Coupled with the short-time start of the general engine, the instrument magnet will disappear from the suction and not follow when starting and stopping.

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Then, the intelligent temperature controller of the fermentation tank selects a set of PID parameters to control the culture and sterilization temperature, and after the external PLC signal is switched on and off, it declares a timing signal when the sterilization temperature reaches 121°C.
Fermentation tanks should have an appropriate number of spare parts and all equipment lists of the emergency plan to quickly correct or deal with abnormal situations during production.
The points of attention for abnormal sterilization of the above fermentation tanks are sorted out by Paragon——fermentation tank dealer. For other information about fermentation tanks or bioreactors, please follow the Paragon official website for updated information.