So far, we own the ability to provide over 500 package units for our customers over the world annually.

Technical Service

We focus on the research and optimum of bio-pharm technology, constantly provide the equipment and service for fermentation and pharmaceutical industry. Our team is constituted of public system proficient, process system proficient, electrical proficient, and proficient responsible for develop/implement automation that meet the GAMP5 regulation etc, which capable to complete conceptional design, specific design, and budget calculating etc based on customer’s URS.


URS of each portion

Implement scheme of project

Conceptional design

URS document preparation

Factory floor plan

Specific workshop floor plan

Material flow and process flow design drawing

Public system principle diagram

On-line circuit diagram

Automation scheme diagram

Specific design

Process system P&ID

Public system P&ID

Distribution system diagram

2D and 3D drawing of each partial system


Project URB and system URS document

Project validation plan

Itemized system validation plan and scheme






Fermentation flow chart
TL-FACS Bioreactor Control System