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Types and applications of fermenter

Data: 2020-10-23


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Types and applications of fermenter

The classification of fermenters mainly used in China is divided into mechanically agitated and ventilated fermenters according to the equipment of the fermenter; according to the growth and metabolism of microorganisms, it is divided into aerobic fermenters and anaerobic fermenters.

The structure of the fermenter used for anaerobic fermentation (such as alcohol and solvent production) can be relatively simple. 

The requirements for this type of fermenter are: it can be closed; it can withstand a certain pressure; it has cooling equipment; there are as few devices as possible in the tank to eliminate dead spots and facilitate cleaning and sterilization. 

Both alcohol and beer are anaerobic fermentation products. The fermenters do not need to pass expensive sterile air, so the equipment is much simpler than aerobic fermentation equipment when it is enlarged, manufactured and operated.


Fermenters used for aerobic fermentation (such as the production of antibiotics, organic acids, vitamins, etc.) need to continuously pass a large amount of sterile air into the tank, and to consider the utilization rate of the air, the structure of the fermenter is more complicated. Commonly used are mechanical stirring, bubbling and airlift fermenters.

 Pilot-Scale Microbial fermenter

The fermenter equipment adopts the internal circulation method, which uses a stirring blade to disperse and break the bubbles. It has a high dissolved oxygen rate and a good mixing effect. 

The tank body is made of SUS304 or 316L imported stainless steel, and the tank is equipped with an automatic spray cleaning head to ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements. 

Fermenters are widely used in dairy products, beverages, biological engineering, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and other industries. 

In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, fermentation equipment has also been updated from tradition to modernization.


Microbial fermenters and bioreactors

The main body of the fermenter is equipped with interlayer, heat preservation layer, heating, cooling, and heat preservation functions. The tank body and the upper and lower elliptical heads (or prototypes) are processed by spinning R angles. The inner wall of the tank is mirror polished, which is hygienic and has no dead corners. Fermentation. The equipment is equipped with air breathing holes, CIP cleaning nozzles, manholes, inlet and outlet ports and other devices.


Fermenters are widely used in dairy product fermentation, beer fermentation, wine fermentation, food waste treatment equipment, food wastewater processing, winery wastewater treatment equipment, biogas fermentation equipment and other fields.

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Fermenter is the core equipment that provides a good reaction environment for microbial fermentation, cell culture, and enzyme reaction to complete the biocatalytic reaction. It is often called a bioreactor or a multi-enzyme reactor and undertakes the task of product production.


The structure, operation mode and operating conditions of the fermenter are closely related to the quality, conversion rate and energy consumption of biological process products. A good culture device should have a rigorous structure, good liquid mixing performance, high heat transfer rate, and a matching and reliable detection and control system.