So far, we own the ability to provide over 500 package units for our customers over the world annually.

Paragon’s advantage

1. Systematic design
we have many years of experience in fluid engineering and various reactor production line construction, and can provide the optimal design and construction for the entire production line (turn-key project) including from laboratory microbial cultivation to pilot scale production and to commercial scale production line, and also the purification and extraction in latter stage, etc.


2. Rich production experience

We own full qualification certificates which can fully guarantee the equipment and construction quality, plus we have rich experience of fluid engineering, cell reactor GMP production and a series of problem solutions, so far, we have been successful built a large number of fluid engineering, microbial fermentation engineering and cell reactor production line for dozens of firms.


3. Optimized design of tank and agitation system

Based on CFD mathematical model and limiting factors, single factor analysis and FLUNET simulation software were used to optimize the design of tank body, agitating system structure and parameters.

According to our practical application, the simulated blade shear force, total pressure range, velocity range, turbulent kinetic energy, agitating torque in the microbial reactor can meet the needs of our customers.

Pipeline system design

the world famous French CATIA 3D design software is widely used by our design team, which can build digital model for customers, and easier for customer to make design confirmation (DQ), which can realize digital and information management.

With 3D design, the room equipment and pipes can be optimized arranged, and collision detection can be conducted to minimize the entirety risk.

Control system design: 

Paragon is subsidiary of parent company: TongLing electrical, which is a listed company in china (Stock Code: 833666), so we have obvious advantage on electronic technology and electrical automatic control, especially in the large system using master control, module, double network and other redundant design, to ensure the control stability strictly.

A series of risk control measures are adopted in the system:

e.g. double electrode configuration; independent sterilization of every important part; seamless switching of standby power supply; reliable PLC, DCS redundancy control technology.


4. Fermentation Laboratory

Our company has built a professional laboratory, which equipped with aseptic room, shaker, constant temperature incubator, ultra-clean working table, 5L to 100L automatic fermenter, microscope, spectrophotometer and other detection equipment, also equipped centrifuge for separation, which is capable to provide customers with R&D, pilot research and other service.

5. Doctor workstation

We cooperate with ShengYang institute of applied ecology, Chinese Academy of sciences, and establish an enterprise doctor workstation to provide technical support for us, so as to keep improving our ability in all respects.