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Application of SSF(solid substrate fermentation)

Data: 2020-08-11


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Application of SSF(solid substrate fermentation)

Enzyme Production

In SSF, agriculture industrial substrates are considered the most excellent for enzyme production.

The expenditure of enzyme production by SmF is high as compared to SSF.


Approximately, all well-known microbial enzymes are produced through this process. According to research study, large amount of work has been done on the enzyme production of industrial importance like cellulases, lipase, proteases, glucoamylases, amylases, ligninases, xylanases, pectinases, and peroxidases. 

Thermostable enzyme xylanase by thermophilic Bacillus licheniformis has been produced from this process. Enzymes produced from this process are more thermostable than SmF process. It has 22- folds higher in SSF system than in SmF system.

The bacterial strain extracted from open xylan agar plate are characterized as xylanase produced from Bacillus pumilus from both the processes (submerged and SSF fermentation). Rhizopus oligosporus is used to produce acid protease from rice bran and during its production no toxin effect occurred in SSF.