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What are the applications of centrifugal pumps on ships?

Data: 2021-03-16


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What are the applications of centrifugal pumps on ships?

Centrifugal pumps are widely used, especially on ships. They are mostly used to transport oil and water liquids. They are often used in equipment cooling, seawater desalination devices, fire fighting, ballast water and other equipment.


Power equipment cooling: As the "heart" of ship power, machinery and equipment are mostly diesel engines or steam turbines, which must generate a lot of heat during operation. If they cannot dissipate heat in time, they will cause great damage to machinery and equipment. 

At this time, centrifugal pumps must be used to transport cooling liquid. Circulating cooling of the machinery and equipment can ensure the reliable operation of the power!


Seawater desalination device: There is limited fresh water on ships. How to convert seawater into fresh water for daily use must rely on centrifugal pumps to use seawater as the power and source of seawater to produce a steady stream of freshwater.

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