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The environment and development of biotechnology

Data: 2020-05-21


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The environment and development of biotechnology

  The application of biotechnology in industrial manufacturing and environmental management is to promote the sustainable development of industry. In 1998, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development believed that biotechnology would play a crucial role in the sustainable development of industry and encouraged its member countries to support Research on environmental biotechnology.

  Microbes are considered natural chemical factories. They are replacing industrial catalysts for the manufacture of chemicals. For example, enzyme preparations can replace phosphorus in detergents and sulfides in leather tanning. In the papermaking process, enzyme preparations can reduce the amount of chloride used in the pulp bleaching process. The application of microorganisms in the industrial production process makes industrial production clean, efficient and sustainable.

  Enzymes can also be used as biocatalysts to convert biomass into energy, ethanol, etc. More tempting is that through biological enzymes, corn stalks can be converted into degradable plastics for food packaging, etc.

  The application of genetics and proteomics in industrial biotechnology not only lies in discovering the characteristics of microbial enzymes, but also allows the microorganisms to produce new types of enzyme preparations for various purposes through target mutation.

  Scientists predict that in 10 to 20 years, the application of biotechnology in industry will become as important as its application in human health.