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What kind of bioreactor does your laboratory use?

Data: 2021-02-24


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What kind of bioreactor does your laboratory use?
Whether animal cell culture technology can be industrialized and commercialized on a large scale depends on whether a suitable bioreactor can be designed.

Because animal cells are very different from microbial cells, traditional microbial reactors are obviously not suitable for large-scale cultivation of animal cells. First, it must be able to provide sufficient oxygen for cell growth and cell product synthesis under low shear and good mixing conditions.

The production of antibody drugs mainly uses ventilated stirred reactors. According to the material of the reactor, it can be divided into stainless steel reactor, glass tank reactor and disposable reactor.

Stainless steel reactor:

Stainless Steel 316L bioreactor from paragon

Antibody drugs are basically produced in stainless steel reactors.
Stainless steel reactors usually involve CIP modules, SIP modules, storage modules, etc., so the pipeline connection is very complicated and requires higher operators. Once contamination occurs, the entire system needs to be checked and sterilized.

Glass tank reactor(Borosilicate glass bioreactor):

Borosilicate glass bioreactor for sale

The glass tank bioreactor has the characteristics of flexible configuration, powerful function, simple operation, easy upgrade and expansion, etc. It is the best choice for animal cell culture and microbial fermentation research and development projects. It can be used for animal cells, E. coli, yeast, fungi, and insect cells. And plant cell culture.

Disposable reactor:

In recent years, disposable reactors have rapidly occupied the domestic and foreign markets by virtue of their advantages such as non-cleaning, non-sterilization, and flexible operation.
Animal Cell Cultivation bioreactor
The animal cell culture bioreactor developed and produced by Paragon can be used to select medium formulations, optimize fermentation process parameters and verify cell production processes. It can better meet the scale of animal cell culture technology.