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The applicaction of lipase in cheese production

Data: 2020-10-12


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The applicaction of lipase in cheese production

The application of lipase in dairy products is mainly in cheese production to accelerate the maturation of cheese.


The content of free volatile fatty acid in cheese with lipase added was much higher than that without addition, and the content of volatile free fatty acid increased with the extension of maturity. 

Lipase isolated from Aspergillus oryzae can be added to cheese to develop cheese flavor quickly, but it needs to work with protease to balance cheese flavor. 

Huing (1976) used the lipase of Mucor miehei to study the effect of two different flavors of Italian cheese, Fortina and Ronano. The flavor score of the lipase was 5 times higher than that of without it.


The current cheese production generally adds protease and lipase at the same time to promote the maturation of the cheese, so that the cheese produces its unique flavor, and can also shorten the maturation time and improve production efficiency.

Lipase can also act on cream to increase the flavor of cream. For example, the lipase of Aspergillus oryzae can be added to the cream to produce the characteristic aroma of cheese.