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Which is better, plastic centrifugal pump or magnetic centrifugal pump?

Data: 2021-03-04


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Which is better, plastic centrifugal pump or magnetic centrifugal pump?

Which is better, plastic centrifugal pump or magnetic centrifugal pump? Although both of them are centrifugal pumps, there are obvious differences in the material, the method of transporting the medium and the working characteristics, and they are suitable for different working environments and medium properties.

Regarding the question of which is better, plastic centrifugal pumps or magnetic centrifugal pumps, in simple terms, plastic centrifugal pumps are mainly made of fluoroplastics, which have higher working efficiency than magnetic pumps, and have the characteristics of heat resistance, creep resistance and high hardness; magnetism Centrifugal pumps are made of stainless steel/polypropylene and other materials. 

The sealing performance is much higher than that of plastic pumps. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid resistance and zero leakage, and is very safe and reliable.

The following is a detailed description of the two types of centrifugal pumps sold by Paragon.

CQB magnetic drive centrifugal pump: a new type of non-leakage, corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant stainless steel magnetic pump. In terms of production materials, acid-resistant materials with different performances can be configured according to the actual needs of customers, such as 306 stainless steel or polypropylene, ceramics and so on.

 CQB Magnetic drive pump for chemical industry

CQB-F fluorine plastic magnetic pump: The main material is polyvinylidene fluoride, which has excellent heat and corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and is not easy to age. 

CQB-F Magnetic drive pump for sale

It can work in an environment of -20to 100and can be transported. Any concentration (strong) acid, alkali, oxidant and other corrosive media. When it is put into use for more than 1000 hours, it is necessary to disassemble and inspect the wear of the bearing and the end face moving ring, and check the wear of the wearing parts, and replace them in time.


Both plastic centrifugal pumps and magnetic centrifugal pumps have their own advantages. For customers, they need to choose the corresponding pump according to their own industrial and mining needs. If you need to buy a centrifugal pump, please click here to enter the Paragon website and refer to the detailed centrifugal pump parameters.