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use solid state fermenter

Data: 2021-04-29


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use solid state fermenter

The solid fermentation method in solid state fermenter refers to a fermentation process in which natural substrates are used as carbon sources and energy sources, or inert substrates are used as solid supports, and the system is anhydrous or close to anhydrous. There are mainly shallow pan fermentation and thick-layer ventilation fermentation.


Solid state fermentation bioreactors advantages are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) The culture medium is simple and has a wide range of sources, mostly cheap natural substrates or industrial waste;

(2) Low investment and relatively low energy consumption;

(3) The substrate has a low water content, which can greatly reduce the volume of the bioreactor, does not require wastewater treatment, and has less environmental pollution;

(4) The fermentation process generally does not require strict aseptic operation, and the technical requirements are low;

The solid fermentation production process is roughly as follows:

Production strain---solid or liquid---inoculation---solid fermentation tank---fermentation---fermented material

Drying---Crushing---Compound---Detection---Packaging---Finished Product

Paragon Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd——a solid state fermenter manufacturer, In addition to the production of traditional fermented food, solid state fermenter is also widely used in the production of antibiotics, amino acids, polysaccharides, organic acids, enzyme preparations, biological pesticides and chemical products. Special specifications can be customized.