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The structure and advantages and disadvantages of magnetic pump

Data: 2021-01-27


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The structure and advantages and disadvantages of magnetic pump
The structure of a magnetic pump is more complicated than other pumps. For example, the source of kinetic energy is a magnetic drive, which relies on a magnetic field to transport the medium.

The structure of the magnetic pump is a shaft-less sealed centrifugal pump. Its main features are safety and environmental protection, leak-free sealing and convenient maintenance. 

The components are sliding bearing, rolling bearing, rolling bearing frame (or bearing box), bearing body, magnetic coupling, pump housing and pump cover. The key part is the coupler, which consists of an inner magnetic rotor, an outer magnetic rotor and a non-magnetic isolation sleeve.

CQB-FL(long bracket) magnetic drive pump
Thanks to the unique structure of the magnetic pump, the advantages and disadvantages in actual operation are relatively intuitive, as follows.

Advantages: The drive shaft of the magnetic pump does not need to be introduced into the pump casing during operation. The entire operation process is driven by the magnetic field to penetrate the air gap and the wall of the isolation sleeve to drive the inner magnetic rotor to rotate. 

This working mode eliminates liquid leakage from the root cause and achieves a true absolute seal. The assembly of the magnet is also simple, and the maintenance is also relatively convenient, without the need for complex maintenance tools. And because the number of parts is not large, it is very convenient for both inspection and cleaning. It can transport dangerous, corrosive and toxic gas liquids.

Disadvantages: The operating efficiency is lower than the general centrifugal pump. The material selection of the isolation sleeve and the manufacturing process of single-sided leakage prevention are relatively high. 

The isolation material is also a key component of the magnetic pump. 

magnetic pump

It is recommended that customers should give priority to companies with mature and perfect pump manufacturing experience such as Zhongcheng Pumps when choosing magnetic pumps, so as to avoid inferior pumps due to improper material selection and cause internal magnetic steel wear, thereby causing medium leakage.

To sum up, it is a brief introduction to the structure of the magnetic pump. It is also worth noting that the magnetic pump is also divided into many models, and there are also differences in the materials and performance parameters. 

It is recommended that customers choose according to their own process requirements For the corresponding model products, any questions about pump equipment can directly consult Paragon Pumps.