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The application of lactase in dairy products

Data: 2020-10-22


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The application of lactase in dairy products

Lactase EC 3.2.23, also known as β-D-galactosidase, its role is to decompose lactose into galactose and glucose, widely found in almonds, apricots, peaches, apples and other plants and E. coli, In microorganisms such as lactobacillus, yeast and mold, and in the small intestine of young mammals, pure lactase preparations have been obtained from Escherichia coli, yeast and mold. 

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Lactase from different sources has different characteristics, and its application fields are also different: Lactase purified from yeast Kluyveromyceslact is widely used in the treatment of liquid milk and sweet cheese whey, and it is an enzyme obtained from Aspergius niger. 

It is widely used to treat acid whey. At present, lactase has been immobilized. The immobilized lactase not only enhances the tolerance to acid and alkali, but also greatly improves the thermal stability. 

At the same time, it can be used repeatedly, shorten the cycle, and significantly reduce the cost. The United States, Japan and Italy, etc. China has already produced immobilized lactose on a considerable scale, which has opened up a broad prospect for the application of lactase in the dairy industry.

More than two-thirds of the world's adult population, especially in developing countries, are manifested in the state of intestinal lactose deficiency, that is, lactose intolerance, and clinical symptoms such as gastrointestinal pain and diarrhea when eating dairy products. 

Milk is treated with lactase. Breaking lactose into simple sugars can improve the digestibility and utilization of milk and dairy products such as ice cream and yogurt.

In addition to lactose intolerant people, lactose hydrolyzed milk can also be used in many aspects in dairy processing. Some concentrated dairy products such as sweetened condensed milk often result in unqualified products due to the easy formation of lactose. 


If 25~30% lactase hydrolyzed milk is added in the processing, it can not only prevent the condensation phenomenon, but also increase the sweetness of the product and reduce The amount of sucrose, when lactase hydrolyzes milk to make yogurt, can shorten the coagulation time of milk by 15-20%. 

Due to the fast growth of lactic acid bacteria and the large number of bacteria, the shelf life of yogurt can be prolonged; when used for processing cheese, it is not only shortened The coagulation time of the cheese, and the solidification of the cheese, reduces the loss caused by the clarification of the cheese and reduces the cost.

Whey is a by-product of processed cheese and casein. The world's annual production is about 9x107 tons, half of which is used to produce lactose and whey protein, and the other half is discharged as wastewater, which not only causes waste, but also pollutes the environment. 

A large amount of whey can be used as whey powder, while a small amount of whey can be wasted. Whey contains nutrients such as whey protein, lactose, minerals and vitamins. 

Among them, whey protein is a complete protein. The whey is hydrolyzed with lactase to hydrolyze 4.5% of the lactose into galactose and glucose. 

The sweetness can reach 65-80% of sugar, solubility increased by 3-4 times, called whey syrup, whey sugar can replace egg protein and sugar, used in the processing of bread, moon cakes, cakes, taffy and fudge to make the product flavor And the appearance quality is greatly improved. It can also be used to make whey drinks, whey and kvass.

Lactase can also be used in the production of galactose syrup. The lactose obtained from whey is hydrolyzed by lactase to form a mixture of galactose and glucose, which is called galactose glucose syrup. 

If the glucose is isomerized by glucose isomerase to produce fructose, it is called galactofructose syrup, and its salinity is equivalent to that of sucrose of equal concentration. 

This syrup is mainly used as a sweetener instead of sucrose, and is used for the processing of various snacks, beverages, top foods, ice cream, ice cream, etc., with good results.

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